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2/26 Meeting with Jose

Led Projectors
- Ideally would like the LG HS102, but is only available outside of the U.S.
- The Acer K10 is still not available for sale.
- Samsung P400 might be feasiable.

- Maximum of 6 projectors to be used, lowers resolution to 1800x1600.  (See Implementation Notes)
- Play with PPI so that we get good quality and reasonable size.  Nothing less than 40PPI.

- Should start with a prototype table using a single projector and enabling tilt.
- PS3 Camera uses an omnivision chip, which if may go to 1050nm.  This allows for a better IR filter and less ambient IR noise.
- Omnivision also has Linux drivers available.

- It was suggested that we should write our own filters instead of using tbeta or touchlib.
-- OpenCV connects directly to the camera

- Fiducials are a wish-list item and not strictly necessary.

- Gestures
-- Need a list of what Jose wants
-- Time, momentum, width and height useful for determining
--- Creates clicks.

- Jose will supply a code repository
-- Send Jose email.
-- Would like us to work in the MASC lab.

-Will provide NVIDIA GX9800 Dual Output cards.
-- Using Linux to do OpenGL and CUDA will work, will do time slicing.

- Table, research drafting table.  (See Drafting Table Research)

- Need to look into how to project to each monitor and provide distortion unique to each monitor.

- Discussed an FPGA to do this transformation (easy) but requires 6 VGA output connections. (have not been able to find.)