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Goals for Spring Break:
Set-up for following week.

Completed by 3/29/09:
-Set up
- FTIR verification in acrylic
- Contact kept up with Showcase Shower Door
- Got commitment from Showcase Shower Door for large sheet
- Began tests (unsuccessfully) with glass.
-- Attempted modifying the edge in several ways
- Evaluated a large number of glass samples at Classic Glass (none are viable)
- Received Digiline Contrast sample.
- Brought up a multi-head display and discovered that one of the video cards may have a bad GPU
- OpenCV test application that modified colors brought up and performs well.
- Projector screen samples (minus Digiline Contrast) evaluated for projection and infrared transparency. (Discussion should be had here on our 3pm meeting Monday.)
- Evaluated different 'sandwiching' methods for touch screen.
- Purchased some necessary tools for completing the physical structure.
- Sorted out PS3 Eye latency issue

Goals for this coming week:
- Complete construction of the prototype such that Multi-touch programming can begin.