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Prototype Completion. 

It was noted on our timeline that the prototype is actually scheduled for completion on Tuesday.  As of right now, all the materials that can be built and mounted are complete for the prototype.
We are still waiting on the digiline screen, a PC for the prototype, the LED reel and the aluminum channel.  Orders for all of these items are in, and items are in the mail.  None of these are preventing forward movement on

- IR filters tested, 940nm superior and completely blocks out ambient light noise
- Prototype table structure mostly finished.  Some mounting issues to deal with still.
- Modified prototype table so that it's 50DPI versus filling the screen, meaning much of the table is unused image space
- Implemented a low-pass filter for blob detection and tested it with the 940nm camera
- Ability to display images as data

- Program to test and display
- Multiple test programs to benchmark usage of TIR with cameras
- Tested feasibility of PS Eye Linux driver
- Set up 4-gpu computer with 3d desktop
- Tried several hdmi cable configurations
- Tested feasibility of Chromium
- Started reading some touchlib code
- Researched possible display correction
-Setup Linux on my laptop and lab computer with eclipse IDE which includes SVN and astyle pluigins
-Researched current strategy's for gesture recognition - this was somewhat conclusive and design notes were recorded
-Corresponded with Stantum and obtained they're API which I planned on using as an example
-Researched Linux sockets and piping
-Begin Gesture Framework 

Goals for this week:
- blob correction
- blob detection
- Finishing touches on prototype
- Image stitching
- Finalization of final table design
- Aquisition of final table materials.
- Gesture library framework running
- Sockets research